JMC DJ Course

JMC’s DJ Course is structured on the art of Djing. Upon completion of the course, you will be able to mix with various types of DJ equipment. Beat Matching, Harmonic mixing, Basic scratching with turntable, Rekordbox Music Management, Equipment set up.


History of Djing

Fundamental Music Background

Introduction to Pioneer DJ Equipment

Understanding the structure of Dance Music

How to Cue a track

How to count beats and bars

Understanding volume and trim/gain

Beat Matching with same track

Beat Matching with different tracks

Understanding music formats and sound quality

EQ techniques

Cross Fader techniques

Rekordbox Music management

Harmonic Mixing

How to loop/hot cue

Effects and samples

How to use RMX-1000 Effector.


DJ ICEZ is one of the most prominent and creative DJs actively involving in the ever-growing Myanmar music and entertainment scene with more than a decade of DJing experience. His skills behind the decks are hugely complemented by his knowledge in digital music production, which can be seen in his album track “Show Me Your Love” from – EDM 2013 and many other mash-ups and remixes. Currently being the head instructor at Juize Muzic Centre, DJ Icez has already produced a significant number of new-generation DJs in Myanmar. DJ Icez’s reputation as a top-notched DJ is well known among all ages as he plays a variety of music styles (Progressive House, Electro House, Trap, Trance, Hip-Hop, and 80s-90s to name a few). What makes him so unique and standout is that the sets he plays are always creatively arranged with own edits and mash-ups. Party lovers; get ready to indulge in immense beats to bounce with DJ Icez!

Dj Zaw Gyi is one of the most creative DJ in Myanmar and he started his job in 2010. Dj Zaw Gyi gained the popularity in playing Trap, HipHop, Progressive, BigRoom, Bounce, House and Reggae. He also shared the stage international Dj’s like Thomas Newson, Wolfpack, Helena, Deorro and Dj Angelo. Moreover, he has experience in playing at famous night club and bars in Yangon, Myanmar such as 369 Club, GTR, Channel V and Club-House and Escape Bar. He is also a trainer at Juize Music Dj school. Now playing mainly at Blow and Pyrite. He always participate  in YOUK $HI gigs and events. 


2PM – 4PM 2PM – 4PM 2PM – 4PM
4PM – 6PM 4PM – 6PM 4PM – 6PM
6PM – 8PM 6PM – 8PM 6PM – 8PM